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Executive Director Gus García reports favorable independent audit for Edinburg Economic Development Corporation

Photograph By DIEGO REYNA

Featured: Agustín “Gus” García, Jr., Executive Director, Edinburg Economic Development Corporation, on Friday, September 25, 2015, participates in a panel discussion during the Inno’2015 Transportation Innovation Conference sponsored by South Texas College at its Technology Campus Atrium in McAllen.

Photograph By DIEGO REYNA

The financial statements and practices of the Edinburg Economic Development Corporation meet the highest standards that help ensure citizens and the public that the EEDC is properly managing its programs and services, according to an independent audit released on Tuesday, March 22, 2016. The EEDC, which is led by Executive Director Agustín “Gus” García, Jr., is the jobs-creation arm of the Mayor and Edinburg City Council. The audit, which is required by state law, was conducted by Noel Garza, CPA, who has been under contract with the EEDC for the previous five years to perform the financial review. His detailed work, which is available by requesting a copy from the EEDC, covers the fiscal year 2014-2014 activities of the EEDC.

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